Clean up the Waters is a social/ environmental project that we hope will bring benefit to our beautiful blue planet, focusing on reaching as many waterways and surrounding natural habitats as possible and to benefit as many people as possible, who will be able to take part and join us on our waterways adventure.

We are passionate about making a difference and supporting this incredibly magical and magnificent blue planet.  Water is life. The lives of so many wonderful and important living creatures whose living habitat are suffering and being destroyed. We are all a part of this incredible living ecosystem on earth and ultimately we all have a part to play in making a difference and to bring more conscious awareness of how important we ALL are and what our actions are on a daily basis. Change is possible the time is NOW!



Our main desire and focus is to collect litter from various waterways, whether a lake, river or coastal area and surrounding banks, beaches etc . We are keen and very enthusiastic that through this project, it will enable a community to grow and to continue the preservation of local waterways and the surrounding areas, even after we have moved on to another place, by enabling through a more conscious connection to nature itself with the opportunity to get onto the water too and connect with nature in different ways.  We are all a part of nature and not separate from it all.

We are very keen to work alongside local councils, environmental agencies and organisations, schools, businesses, tourist boards and individuals with the opportunity of funding to build up a core movement to clean up the waters and bring communities together to make a difference.

Whatever age or ability, SUP’ing enables more and more people to connect with the water in a unique way and enjoy the many varying perspectives of the water and surrounding nature while standing, sitting or even lying on the boards. This opportunity enables each and everyone that takes part, to enjoy this adventure while connecting on a deeper level with the environment and nature and hopefully allows more people to become conscious of littering and cleaning up waste anywhere and at anytime.



Stand Up Paddling :
We have 12 Stand Up Paddle Boards (iSUPS) and qualified SUP Guides! We will offer SUP intro sessions and  paddle tips and guidance during the SUP Tours on the water, with use of Starboard SUP equipment too.
While SUP’ing we will be able to get to many diverse areas, making each SUP Tour an adventure, collecting any litter on the way,  storing the litter on the boards until we get back to land where it will be recycled, upcycled or brought to an appropriate waste site.

These SUP tours will enable more people to join together, have fun on the water as well as do something great for the body and mind.  At the same time we will be participating and making a difference, cleaning the waters, which is as important . We will each be a part of supporting and looking after the waters and the natural environment which we ourselves are a part of too.

On board this project, we have an environmental scientist and sustainability consultant who will offer interactive sessions  and workshops. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the littering problem and plastic waste pollution and find creative ways to recycle and upcycle the waste they have collected.  The second focus is to give people the chance to experience guided sessions that aim to increase nature and self awareness.  Participants will learn methods to nourish their own inner nature and develop their self awareness,  to be more aware of the connection that every one of us has to nature and everything that’s alive on this beautiful planet.

Also on board we have a  dance / movement pedagogue and a Yoga Sports Coach! Through movement sessions on the water and the land, there is the opportunity to connect with ourselves, with others and to enjoy the feeling of moving and breathing, connecting more to ourselves in our physical body and allow each and everyone to sense the deep connection of our natural being in the natural surroundings in which we are immersed in, whether on the water or on land! In every moment, with each breathe that moves us,  there is the possibility in ourselves and in relation to the nature of other living beings and the nature around us, to develop and grow in consciousness and love!

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