Enduro Tiki Tech blue

Enduro Tiki Tech blue 2-piece vario Round 29 Hybrid Carbon S35


This amazing allround blade suits anyone from world wave rider champion Zane Schweitzer to entry level flat water paddlers.
The direct, powerful and precise paddle shape is all you need to take your stroke from zero to hero. The wide lower part helps create a maximum efficiency area even if your stroke is not yet deep enough into the water. That wide lower part is also great to lean on for stability in the waves and has won 3 world titles in the last 2 years.

| The Enduro is more direct in the water: the first catch feels incredibly precise and powerful. Increased cadence due to a smoother waterflow around the blade.
| Low aspect design makes it easy to lift out of the water with each stroke and also great to lean on while wave riding.
| 2013/2015 ISA World Champion Sean Poynter’s favorite choice for wave riding on Tour.