iGO Zen 10’0″ x 33″

999.00 689.00

Manufacturer: Starboard
Condition: New
Material: Inflatable
SUP Level: Allround
Model: 2019
Length: 10’0” | 305cm
Width: 33” | 84cm
Included: Inflatable SUP board | Board bag | Pump | Repair kit | Fins
Extra: Starboard Paddle available

This board is suited for riders up to 120kg, the 10’0″ is versatile for cruising, yoga, fitness and surfing small waves. The narrower straighter outline makes it easier to hold the paddle closer, improving tracking & reducing the need to switch sides as often. 10’0″x33″ replaces the 35″ Whopper yet is as stable, faster and easier to paddle due to these outline changes.